Down By The Creek

Down By The Creek – Ripples and Reflections is a collection of stories and poems for readers of all ages and walks of life. Author Paul Stansbury invites you to share in the amusing exploits of some young boys as they learn life lessons along the banks of their creek.  These are the Ripples, adventures in fishing, pranking and romance, influenced by his own experiences growing up in Kentucky along Fern Creek. Accompanying each story, are the Reflections, Paul’s poems, in which he looks back on the meanings of his own experiences down by the creek.


INVERSION - NOT YOUR ORDINARY STORIES, is all about speculative fiction. From my viewpoint, this form of fiction places us in a world where the Laws, those regularly occurring or apparently inevitable phenomenon that govern what happens to us, operate differently than what we would expect. In the speculative fiction world, the rules as we know them do not always apply. Or could it be the rules as we thought we knew them?

Speculative fiction aims to explore our world as it would be altered by posing the question What if? The most appealing and freeing aspect of speculative fiction is that, like the worlds it creates, it is not bound by the traditional genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. In fact it is not bound by any genre. It is free to adventure anywhere it likes as long as anywhere is a creation of imagination and speculation.

INVERSION means turning upside down or inside out; reversal of a normal order or relation. What better title for a collection of speculative fiction stories? When you ask What if?, the result is not your ordinary story.

Some of these stories have been previously published, either in print or on line. They have been identified throughout. I wish to express my appreciation to those editors who were willing to publish my work and encourage the reader to visit these other publications.


Inversion II - Creatures, Fairies, and Haints, Oh My!, is my second volume of speculative fiction stories. 

In my realm of INVERSION, creatures are fictional or imaginary beings which are, as you would imagine, a bit out of the ordinary. For the most part, they are unsavory beings and best avoided. Next come the fairies: imaginary beings of supernatural powers. Usually seen in human form, they can be clever, playful, but can also prove mischievous given the right circumstances. And as for haints, those of you from the South may be familiar with the word. Haints are manifestations attributed to something beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature - spirits and spooks so to speak. If you want to understand haints, read my first story in this collection, “Haint Blue”.

As with Inversion - Not Your Ordinary Stories, some of these stories presented herein have been previously published, either in print or on line.


BY GEORGE is a delightful and heartwarming collection of childhood anecdotes and remembrances for readers of all ages and walks of life. After retiring, George Herbert Stansbury, Jr. penned his adventures as a young boy growing up in the heartland of America at the turn of the 20th century. They were part of his ongoing correspondence primarily with his older brother Paul Wood Stanbury. Along with excerpts from his letters, these recollections offer a unique perspective of what life was like for an adolescent boy growing up in Franklin, Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio.


Author George Boursaw relates an engaging collection of his childhood experiences and memories of "the camps" - temporary villages where the migrant workers came to work on the family farm near traverse City, Michigan. There, they lived in tents, cooked on kerosene stoves and lit the tents with kerosene lamps. He also shares some other life experiences and musings since then offering his unique perspectives.